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Ellena Reggiani (24) Ready to make her debut release on the platform. EL has been very busy in the studio, writing and crafting many great tracks that we'll have more info on soon...   

"I’ve grown up in Cambridgeshire, with a British Mum and an Italian/ South African dad, and one brother. We were lucky to spend a lot of time in South Africa growing up, to visit family and get away from bleak and grey England. I’ve been an Artist my whole life, and currently a trainee tattooist with a passion for singing and writing lyrics. 

My visits to South Africa and my dad’s background sparked a huge love for everything African, colourful, and diverse. My love for this shows in the things I create and the music I like jamming to. I’m also influenced by all of the lovely creative people in my life too. 

I’ve constantly been creating since a kid, song lyrics and poems where always mixed in with the painting, drawing and sculpting. As I got older I found people who were involved with music. I’ve been lucky enough to sing and write on a number of rap tracks, and am now focused on writing my own songs. This year I’ve been so blessed meeting a lovely group of people, to start exciting projects with, I’m so hyped for all the stuff we’re gonna do. 

EL shows a number of different genres in her music, RnB, Funk, Soul. Mixed with trippy elements from artists such as Erykah Badu and Portishead; 'I’m viewing music as a creative adventure and know the style and genre will constantly be developing as we experience new things and new views on life. 
The lyrics on these tracks are written about anything I was feeling, believing, questioning, experiencing, whether it’s negative or positive. One track was written about a magical trip I had, the day was beautiful and perfect, it’s sits golden in my heart and I take myself back there mentally if I ever need a boost, truly my happy place.
Best lyric: ‘Come into our ship, we’re pirates of the moment. Stealing our time, donate it to he hopeless.’

I wrote ‘It smells like bad dreams’ after opening a new bottle of cacao butter and realising it was the same kind I used years ago, when I was in the worst place of my life. The rest of the tune is about not letting myself be held down ever again, just rising from it and focusing on the beautiful side of life instead. 
Best lyric: ‘I breathe from beneath, the planet’s lungs are at our feet, yet with fire we fill it’ 

‘Feeling good, making bad decisions again’ I’m not-not saying that lyric is about dr*gs, so, yeah. This tune was written in the time of my life when I was struggling with terrible things and terrible people, and were lyrics I wrote from my own point of view speaking to me, to comfort and advise myself. 
‘If it’s bitter the taste resides, my mouth is sour but my mind is still as wide as my tired eyes’ 

Key influences : Big Smash, Lambchop, Real Rhetoric, LED Zeppelin, Erykah Badu,




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