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RHETORIC released ‘Remedy’, a 5-TRACK debut EP with BIG SMASH, on 2 April, effortlessly blending upscale production with melodic layers of vocals in English and Portuguese, delivering a sound that straddles rap and RNB genres, to create something a bit different - the lyrics telling a story of relationships, the mess and the healing - with the tracks taking a hard look at the past, essentially finding a better way forward.

  RHETORIC is 25-year-old Joe Navarro, an English/ Portuguese rapper, with influences derived from the likes of Brazilian musician Tom Jobim, Stevie Wonder, Kid Cudi and Kano. Rhetoric cut his teeth freestyling with friends - fast-forward to 2021 and the rapper has spent much of the last nine months working with BIG SMASH, exploring, developing and defining a recognisable sound.

 Recording daily, Rhetoric and BIG SMASH have come up with many as yet unreleased tracks, and January 2021 saw the release of their first video to accompany ‘Night’ a track they collaborated on in March 2020.

'Remedy' is out on all streaming services now and many projects are coming soon. 



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