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Birmingham born now living in Cambridge, Tyler (25) released 'Stars fall down' featuring BIG SMASH on the 30 July 2021.

“My cousin had a little cheap set up, and me and my older bro would go there to record. We released a few songs when we were like 13 or 14 but they no longer exist on YouTube now. After that, I sort of left it for about 4-5 years until I met k.d who really influenced me to carry on working on my music.

We met up and recorded a 5-track e.p which I’m so thankful for, all done at Romsey Mill in Cambridge, a place that supports young people getting their music and stories heard. Without that kind of support I don't think I’d be where I am, certain music is my path forward.

I feel really influenced not only by the songs i'd listen to at the time such as Eminem and Plan b (Uk rapper), but the music my parents and grandparents would play; genres ranging from reggae to rock. Might be listening to Bob Marley one minute, then the next artist on is Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell!.

Early 2000’s it was all about American rap and RnB - Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Sean Kingston. Later on, I fell in love with UK hip hop, Jam Baxter, Chester, all those guys at high focus, and some grime artists like P Money and Skepta. I have loads of respect as for all these guys have come with some of the most re-playable tracks I’ve heard."

Tyler's music is a mix of hip hop, Lofi, and RnB. "That chill rap you can space out, but also bop to. But it all depends on the beat as I can rap to most that are played in front of me, no matter the genre, it just needs to connect with me, and make me feel like there’s feelings to be put on it or a story to be told.

Working now rapping with BIG SMASH, being part of the collective that is B S P, has been a real growth for me, and another step forward in the right direction with my music."


What Tyler has released this year is so unique it doesn’t feel like it's set to one genre but multiple, This is even more true for the future solo tracks he has in store. As well as the collaborations with other members of

B S P."Can’t fit me in a box".

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